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It’s our Grand Opening

… and we’re celebrating by offering you unlimited laser hair removal for half the price!

Say hello to the new year by saying goodbye to unwanted hair forever! Just visit the Milan nearest you to get the smooth, hair-free skin you’ve always wanted for 50% off this month. The best part – besides saving time & money of course – is that our exclusive Unlimited Package™ comes with every body area. So, one low price gets you covered for life!

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Waxing costs an average of
over a lifetime.

The cost of Laser Hair Removal shouldn’t break the bank.

We believe everyone deserves to be smooth at an affordable price. That’s why Milan offers a no-interest payment plan option for 24 months your payments  can start as low as $49 a month! Plus with our Unlimited Package, Milan makes it easy for you to get rid of unwanted hair.

Not interested in a payment plan? No problem! We offer a 5% discount if you want to pay in full!

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My results are amazing! The staff is very professional, great location, and
affordable payment plans make it easy to afford.
- Kimberly N.

the Unlimited Package™

The average person needs 7 to 10 sessions to be completely hair-free; outdated packages of 6 or 9 sessions don't produce fully smooth, lifelong results.

With the Unlimited Package, you’re guaranteed to have your hair taken care of forever—no matter how many sessions you need.

The package includes unlimited sessions of laser hair removal on an area for one affordable price. No surprise costs, or running out of sessions before your hair is completely gone.

the Unlimited Package in laser hair removal is exclusive to Milan. You’ll never shave again with our safe and 100% effective treatments. Our unique package ensures you’ll be hair-free and care-free forever!

Why Unlimited Sessions?

Your body will change. For men, you may see increased body hair growth throughout your adulthood. For women, hormone balances change, and some (changes in activity levels, PMS, pregnancy, menopause, etc.) can stimulate your hair growth.

With Milan Laser, you won’t worry about paying for additional sessions because of life’s events.

Lip or underarms take
less than 10 minutes
per treatment.

Laser Hair Removal Explained in 2 Minutes

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